Lambert Hofer specializes on classical evening wear for Gentlemen with the highest standards of quality. The company produces tailcoats, tuxedos, cutaways and dinner jackets from the finest textiles – either made to measure or in standard clothes size – and delivers worldwide.

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Evening Wear


Vienna – City of Music – City of Balls

Lambert Hofer’s formal wear department provides specialized attire for a variety of festive occasions, with the world’s most famous ball – the Viennese Opera Ball – leading the way.
The elegance and glamour of this ball night are unmatched and founded in the atmosphere of the Viennese States Opera and the obligation for men to attend in elegant tailcoats.On this night politicians, Hollywood stars and debutants are wearing their finest suits and attach the small buttons to their piqué-shirts and wests to experience an unforgettable evening in perfect attire. Many hundreds of these guests are wearing tailcoats bought or rented from Lambert Hofer.Lambert Hofer also provides the most extravagant outfits and costumes for more ostentatious occasions, like the Viennese Life Ball.
For this occasion the opulent costumes of the Rococo-era are particularly popular.Falco, the Austrian rock star who died in a car accident in 1998, rediscovered this era for his worldwide number one music hit “Amadeus” and rented the Rococo-costumes for his video clip from Lambert Hofer.