Anprobe Life Ball

The Life Ball 2015 takes place on May 16th in the Viennese Rathaus. This year the event’s motto is “Ver Sacrum”.

For many years the Life Ball has been one of the biggest AIDS charity events in the world.

The main goal of this ball and its national and international media presence is to call attention to HIV and AIDS, appeal to tolerance and celebrate life in all its variations.

HIV/AIDS still is a deadly threat that concerns thousands of people all over the world. Therefore the fundraising on the Life Ball – and the awareness it brings to the public – is important to finance aid projects.

This year’s Life Ball will take place under the motto “Ver Sacrum” (latin for “holy spring”) and therefore refers to the antic Roman spring festival, which already inspired the Viennese Secessionists.

Everyone who wants to attend this year’s ball with one of the popular “Style Tickets” and might plan on taking part in the election for best costume should take their inspiration from the color gold, ancient legends and gods and Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings. There are no limits to the imagination!

Our team at Lambert Hofer is happy to provide you with extravagant and opulent costumes and will gladly assist you from the very beginning of your preparation with ideas, tips and inspiration. We will make you the star of the night!

Whether it is your first time at the Life Ball and you therefore never needed such a costume before, or you are attending every year and want to change your costume each time corresponding to the motto – the team of Lambert Hofer is happy to assist you and help your find the perfect outfit not only fitting to the ball’s theme, but also to your wishes, imagination, personality and physique.

With over 100.000 costumes and 150 years of experience, we are able to advise you professionally for every theme and provide you with a gorgeous costume which can be adjusted perfectly to your body or even customized directly for you.

Anprobe Life Ball
Anprobe Life Ball
Anprobe Life Ball